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Working with CabFab

What is CabFab?

We handcraft some of the finest quality custom cabinetry for the kitchen, bath, or other rooms, available.  Each project is designed individually for your space and is built right in Central NY.

How does the process work?

Start with a design – it can be yours, your architect’s, or we can do it for you. Choose your style, woods and finishes.  Choose your hardware – the stuff that goes inside the cabinets.   Our designers will meet with you to discuss the project and draw up an initial design and price quote.  At that point, we will ask you for a deposit if you are interested in continuing the design process.  The designs will be modified to meet your satisfaction and we will come to your job site to measure everything.  Once the final measurements have been obtained, and all the decisions have been made you can sit back and let us build it.

What wood species’ can my cabinetry be made from?

We offer anything that is available to us through our suppliers.  But most of what we do is made from domestic woods grown nearby – maple, cherry, hickory and birch.
How about door styles and finishes?

CabFab uses a variety of door styles and finishes, enabling you to live with the design elements and kitchen layout that fit your lifestyle.  We have several basic styles to start with, and we are able to build anything your heart desires if you don’t see it in our showroom or portfolio.

What is the average lead time?

Normally, our lead (or production) time runs an average of 6 weeks. This is measured from the time the design is finalized.

What is the average price of cabinetry in a CabFab kitchen?

CabFab doesn’t build average kitchens in cost or quality. But to help provide a budgetary guideline, our cabinetry for most kitchens can be acquired in the $25,000 to $40,000 range. Yet, it is not uncommon for clients to invest more when doing very large or detailed projects.

What about countertops, appliances, tile?

We have some great partners locally that we work with in these areas.  We can help you make your decisions regarding any of these areas, and you can purchase them through us.  We’ll coordinate installation, delivery, and problem solving.  Or if you like being independent, you can do it on your own.   The price works out the same.

Does CabFab install the cabinetry?

Yes we do.  Actually, we prefer that we do the installation, because we know how it should be done.  But there are times that a homeowner already has a contractor lined up, and then we will walk the installer through the process.  It is quite easy once you know what to do.