Cabinet Fabrication Group

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Why CabFab?


CabFab gives customers the option of truly custom designed cabinetry manufactured with incredible accuracy. We are able to take your dreams and turn them into reality with precision our competitors can only wish for. Sit down with one of our designers and watch your dreams come true before your eyes.


All CabFab cabinets are made in our Syracuse shop. This means no ‘middle-man’ pricing and eliminates the cost of shipping from far away manufacturers. The buyer ends up with higher quality cabinetry at a better price than otherwise possible.


CabFab builds unique pieces one at a time, with an attention to detail that is very hard to match. All of our cabinetry is built in Syracuse and each job is individually manufactured to customer specifications to ensure exceptional finished projects and consistent consumer satisfaction. We use only the highest quality materials available for the specific cabinetry being built. All CabFab products are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry specifications in quality, materials and workmanship. All pieces manufactured and installed by CabFab or properly installed to CabFab installation standards carry a 5 year warranty.


We bring over 25 years of experience as custom cabinetmakers into the creation and management of CabFab.


A typical turnaround time from finalization of the design to finished product is 4-6 weeks.


CabFab builds business on the satisfaction of our customers. We stand behind our products. CabFab knows how important your project is to you. If it were not for you, CabFab would not be in business. We consider your time to be just as valuable as our time. It is the mission of CabFab to deliver and install your cabinetry on time.