Cabinet Fabrication Group

An inspiring new concept in custom cabinetry. Uniquely designed, factory direct. 6 woods, 7 finishes, 10 doors.

CabFab’s Select Cabinetry Line

At CabFab we've made our reputation and built our business designing, building and installing the finest custom cabinets around for Central New York homeowners. We've made a lot of people happy in their kitchens, offices and bathrooms knowing they paid for and received a top notch product with lasting value. We're grateful for the business that's come since opening our historic showroom and factory on Burnet Avenue in 2004.

Along the way, we made some investments into our processes and we listened to our customers. Then one day, an interesting thought came to mind, "What if.....?"

"What if we used our state of the art manufacturing, our cool computer technology and our handy location to create a new line of custom cabinets that took a little less time to choose and were just a tad easier on the wallet? What if we did some upfront work to appeal to a new group of customers, people who wanted CabFab options and class but needed a slightly better price? What if we called these cabinets Select and sold them to CNY homeowners with no sacrifice in quality or sizing options?

Well, today "What if ...?" is reality. Select is here now, ready for you, the cabinet buyer with discriminating taste, high expectations and a penchant for value. At CabFab, we're opening doors with Select, a new concept in custom cabinets.