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Raves & Reviews

We just love love love our kitchen and baths.  Thank you for being so wonderful to work with.  You are so talented, everything just blends in and looks like it was always there.  You are the best!!!  Hans and Sandy are Fabulous as Well!

Julie and Paul Hetterich

You feel a genuine generosity of spirit when you work with Chris and his team.  They love what they do and want you, as their customer, to be completely happy with everything they create with you.  Their service is prompt, their workmanship is superior and their attitude brings a sense of joy to the project.  It was a wonderful experience to have our new kitchen designed, built and installed by Chris, Sandy and Hans.

Early in our planning for a new “great room” addition, we walked into “Backwoods Fine Woodworking” in Thendara NY and met Chris.  He helped us design the shape of the kitchen which helped us become confident in the overall plan for the space.  Chris’ enthusiasm for woodworking and craftsmanship shown through in the planning and we wanted that quality in the final product—and we got it!

We would recommend CabFab to others In a heartbeat.  When in our new kitchen we are surrounded by a sense of premium quality and professional design.  It makes the whole cooking experience that much more delightful.  There was not a moment when we didn’t feel we could call Chris or Sandy with a question or to get an update.  We toured both the Thendara and the Syracuse facilities and knew all the work was being done with care.  We actually looked forward to visiting with Chris in Syracuse to get ideas on the final design and materials.

Tom and Terry Standing

We are so pleased, it goes without saying.  It’s like we joined a new level of craft experience.

I wish everyone was a much of a craftsperson as Chris and his CabFab crew.  CabFab will help you get the product you want. You get more from their design team at every step of the project.  CabFab became an integral part of our house during the installation of our kitchen.

They were fabulous. CabFab brought in a team of informed, really nice people. Every single person was a part of their team. CabFab gave us much more than custom cabinets, they helped us solve design problems, came up with designs that were workable, well thought out; they made no mistakes. CabFab always worked out a solution, no matter what the issue. CabFab took the whole problem and helped us solve it on a higher level.

Their quality shows in their product and work.

Didi Leavitt

Chris brings all his knowledge and ideas, comes in and from the beginning acts like he’s a part of your team.  He is pro-active, thinks clearly, is schedule conscious, honest,  works with you to the very end of the job.  He is very creative; he will take an idea and consistently come up with some new version that is even better.

From a commercial builder’s perspective:  CabFab paperwork is right on cue; no mistakes, timely, accurate, hands down, CabFab is one of the best 3-5 contractors in all of CNY.

We are on the go and don’t have time to mess around with people who don’t know what they’re doing.  Cab Fab knows where to pick up the pieces and where to go.

Jeff Bagley