Cabinet Fabrication Group

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What do you make?
CabFab builds casework - cabinets and freestanding furniture - anything that starts as a ‘box'. For example: kitchen cabinets and islands, bathroom vanities, built-in storage in laundry rooms, basements or garages, built-in bookshelves, entertainment centers, desks and office furniture. Every piece is custom designed and built for a particular job, so every customer gets exactly the size, shape, style and finish they want. Each project is customized and unique - utilizing specialized materials, designs, inlays and hand-finished work.

What else do you sell?
For those looking for one-stop shopping, we can design your cabinetry, help you select your countertop and sink, and have it ready to deliver and install within 4-6 weeks.

What are CabFab cabinets made of?
We offer many options. Cabinet boxes can be made from either 3/4" melamine (a durable laminate material thermofused onto a composite wood panel) available in many colors, or solid 3/4" veneer core maple plywood. Both are sturdy and easy to maintain.

Door styles are nearly limitless, and can be selected in many woods and finishes. If you have something special in mind, chances are we can do it for you!

What do I need to have ready before I make a decision?
The simple answer is to have as much as you can. If you are just starting out, we will help you through every step of your cabinetry project. If you already know what you want or have ideas, we'll work with that to get you the best cabinetry designed and built to meet your needs and wishes. Bring pictures, sketches, samples. For ideas and a questionnaire of things to consider in designing a kitchen - Download Questionnaire.

How does the process work?
• Design the project - we can do it, work with you, or build from designs provided to us by you, a designer or an architect. We will show you 3D images of what the finished project will look like using our state-of-the-art computer software. Sorry but we can not use proprietary designs from other cabinet retailers.

• Pick your materials and door styles. We have many samples on display in our showroom and can help you choose the right style, wood and finish.

• Choose a countertop material - we offer Granite, Soapstone, Corian, Zodiaq (a man-made surface made using natural stone), and custom-made Butcher Block. We are a wholesale dealer of Upstate Stone tops. Or we can refer you to local retailers of other materials.

• Get the room ready - Have the old cabinets taken out, get the appliances delivered if you are getting new ones, have the contractor do any moving of walls, plumbing or electrical changes that may be needed. We may want to come to your home before we begin building your CabFab cabinets to confirm measurements.

• Sit back and relax! We will call you to arrange an appointment for pickup, or delivery and installation.

Is it expensive?
Cabinetry costs for a typical CabFab kitchen project usually run somewhere between $12,000 and $30,000. The choice of materials, door style and finish in addition to the overall size of the job will influence the final price. We can help you make choices that fit within a set budget. Custom designed and produced pieces tend to be higher priced due to the more specialized materials and increased amount of labor that goes into production.

How do you keep your prices so reasonable?
We use state-of-the-art design techniques and equipment which allows us to produce our basic parts in a fraction of the time and to a degree of perfection that was never before possible. All CabFab cabinetry is built in our Burnet Avenue manufacturing facility to order. No commissions are paid to middlemen, no long and expensive shipping and potential for damage in transit. Basically you are getting a higher quality cabinet at the factory-direct price!