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CabFab Goes Green in Utica

Designing and building innovative, custom cabinetry is the bread and butter of CabFab's business. Yet every once in a while, a project comes along that stands out among the crowd.

Building cabinets and more for the Hage & Hage, LLC building renovation in downtown Utica, was one of those rare projects. Purchased in 2006, this massive mid-century bank building was abandoned and sat waiting for a new owner like JK Hage to come along. Hage recognized a diamond in the rough and spent a year researching architectural and sustainable energy options. Hage wanted to maximize his investment while creating a unique and personal space that would continue to set his practice apart.

Along the way, he engaged CabFab to create cabinetry for the many spaces that required functional and beautiful storage solutions. The design/build team at CabFab worked throughout the building on office spaces, kitchens, a one of a kind wine cellar and custom designed work tables for the exercise room.

Hage and research assistant, Amy Hilts, chose to implement multiple strategies as they sought to make it a certified green building. By researching every sustainable technique that made sense, Hage and Hilts have outfitted their new office building nearly 80% of the way toward LEED certification and have applied for LEED Gold Certification. Upgrades include geothermal heating/cooling equipment, LED lighting and a rooftop garden. In addition, building materials were salvaged or reused, low VOC paints and carpet were installed and a 50 foot cactus planter was created from the former teller counter.

Hage even planned ahead for eventual retirement by creating a live/work space he can move into in the future. H&H staff have occupied the building since last November, where they work in an environment specifically planned to maximize health while minimizing impact to the Earth.

As the word spreads about this exceptional company and its new home, it's likely that H&H will become a model for others to follow.