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A Kitchen Gadget That Really Works

To be honest, when it comes to functional kitchen gear, I’m not really a gadget guy. It seems every day there is new gizmo for sale to help ease the stress of cooking. Guess what?  Cooking does not need to be stressful and if it is, a kitchen full of gadgets is not going to help. That said, there are a few tools I’ve found that make great additions to a simply equipped kitchen. I have had the Misto sprayer for several years and use it all the time.   

Quite simply, it is a refillable hand pumped, liquid sprayer originally introduced for olive oil. It is a great tool to give a  light oil flavor on things like toasted bread for Bruschetta or on salads. The Misto sprayer makes an easy, low cost substitute for aerosol cooking sprays like Pam and it’s  better for your food and for the environment. Take a look at the Misto site ( to purchase and for more cooking ideas...Check it out!