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Design Your Kitchen

Home Improvement Process

Getting Started

  • Gather a scrapbook of notes, pictures, ideas, articles
  • Talk with your family to determine their ideas and thoughts
  • Decide on a budget for your project
  • Draw a rough sketch of your floor plan or bring architect/builder drawings
  • Identify what's important in this space: any special needs or uses (1 or 2 cooks, left-handed, very tall or small cooks, physical limitations such as wheelchair, lifting or reaching accommodations needed)


  • If you'll be keeping yours, bring dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
  • If you'll be replacing / adding - pick out the new models and bring details including make, model number, finish and dimensions if you can. We can help you with these decisions if you want.
  • Come to our showroom to browse for ideas or call to schedule an appointment with a designer


What to Expect in Our Showroom

  • We will answer any questions you may have
  • We will show you samples of cabinetry by CabFab
  • We will discuss your budget and floor plan if you have any, as well as any specific ideas you may have
  • We will introduce you to our various options for counter tops and appliances


If You Like What You See...

  • All designs are the property of CabFab unless purchased outright.
  • We will work with you to create a design, floor plan and 3-D perspective drawings, and quote you a price.

Download these helpful forms for a successful planning of your kitchen.
Homeowner Questionnaire
Planning Graphpaper