Cabinet Fabrication Group

    Jolime Cafe

  • The Hafner barn was disassembled, and CabFab was hired to re-purpose the barn wood

    Cape May Stage - Reproduction Railing

  • When the community of Cape May, NJ decided to renovate the old church that now houses the Cape May Stage, they turned to CabFab to help them recreate the railings outside the building to look like the origianl ones while meeting current occupancy codes.  Certainly not a cabinetry job, but a perfect example of how good we can be at helping clients solve unusual problems!

    Golf Club House

  • Sitting strategically between the huge Tennis Dome and Golf Dome at the Turning Stone is a beautiful cedar and stone clubhouse. CabFab was entrusted with helping the Princeton Cos. create a fitting millwork installation for the interior. Here are a few examples of the finished products.

    Skana Spa

  • Our first project at the Turning Stone Casino was to help the Princeton Cos. finish the millwork for a world class European Style spa called Skana. We worked in multiple areas of this project and this portfolio is just a sampling of CabFab’s work at Skana.

    Pastabilities Restaurant

  • When the owner of a very popular downtown restaurant came to CabFab to create a new host station and display cabinet for the entry area, owner and designer Chris Clemans embraced the project.

    Lava Dance Club

  • When the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY decided to build a Vegas-style dance club, CabFab got the call for what turned out to be some truly ‘over-the-top’ millwork. As the pictures will attest, red was the color of choice and the redder the better!

    Hage and Hage Law Firm

  • Designing and building innovative, custom cabinetry is the bread and butter of CabFab’s business.  Every once in a while, however, a project comes along that stands out among the crowd.

    Club 21

  • We did a number of excited projects in partnership with the Turning Stone Casino and the Princeton Cos. during the Casino’s most recent building boom.


  • Our work in 3Form material had found homes in both our commercial and residential projects. Our bigger 3Form projects continue to be commercial in nature so here we go. Color, form texture and light - 3form materials provide these essential qualities to any architectural installation.